It is essential for every cash business to have appropriate security surveillance in place. Supermarkets and convenience shops supply us with life’s necessities. Every day, they assist families and communities in every location across the India as an essential component of our homes, neighbourhoods, and lives. As a result, they are susceptible to subtle hazards. IVIGIL is committed to creating cutting-edge supermarket Security and Surveillance in cost-efficient, practical, and highly effective solutions for today’s security requirements.

More than simply protection, the Smart Solution 2.0 combines the most modern technology into comprehensive end-to-end solutions for every kind of retail space. Video surveillance, corporate information, parking lot data, and other features are all combined in versatile and powerful components from the world’s leading security system supplier.

Smart Solution for Supermarkets and Convenience Stores 

  • Ensures 24-hour security for consumers, employees, and goods
  • Resolves transactional disagreements and helps in loss avoidance 
  • Provides full chain management and improves operations.

Benefits of Having supermarket security cameras

  • A quick, easy, and intuitive method to safeguard your grocery or convenience store by supermarket Security and Surveillance.
  • Recover lost income and go back to doing what you like.
  • Save time by efficiently browsing through your footage.
  • Compare your grocery store POS transactions to your footage.
  • Enable Motion Detection on any of your Grocery Store cameras.
  • Data from a single or many places may be centralised.
  • Web, tablet, and mobile remote access is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week (iOS or Android)
  • Premium assistance from the IVIGIL’s team

How IVIGIL will Help?

IVIGIL Security Solutions offers a variety of choices to guarantee that you implement the appropriate security solutions for your business. It may be as easy as installing the proper supermarket surveillance systems to prevent criminals from stealing your company.

Protecting inventory from petty thieves, product pinching, and daylight cashier robberies are just a few of the most important issues for any convenience shop or grocery store owner. It may be impossible to watch every crevice of your company property during working hours if you employ a small number of people on a rotational basis.

Why Supermarket and Grocery Store Needs a Surveillance Cameras?

One of the main reasons for putting supermarket security cameras is to reduce theft. You can safeguard your goods by installing cameras that view up and down the aisles. Another objective is to have evidence of bogus slip and fall claims. Coverage of the areas accessible to consumers and staff will provide you with video proof as to whether or not the allegation is accurate. Security cameras can help businesses enhance customer service by monitoring staff locations and productivity. There are cameras particularly monitoring over the places where currency is handled in this floor layout.