The retail sector loses billions of dollars each year by Employee theft and shoplifting. Investing in retail security systems as a security solution with the help of IVIGIL offers many long-term advantages, including decreased retail shrinkage, increased shop profitability, cheaper insurance rates, and, eventually, a reduction in the number of theft cases. Security cameras can contribute to a more secure and welcoming shop atmosphere for customers.

With so many Retail Security Camera Systems available today, it’s critical to identify your retail store’s precise security requirements. Will your residential security system need both interior and exterior cameras? What are the flaws in your store? Is there any dim lighting in your store? Is there an aisle or part of your shop that is more difficult to view than others? These are just a few of the things to ask while looking for a new retail security system.

Retail Crimes

Shoplifting and staff theft are constant concerns for retail business owners. Fortunately, retail security devices may aid in the reduction of in-store theft, such as organized retail crime and shoplifting. Shoplifters and workers who are aware that the shop is equipped with retail security cameras will be less likely to steal or participate in illegal activities. Retail security cameras may also assist you identify the perpetrator of a crime by providing bright, clear pictures that are simple to portray.


According to the National Association for Shoplifting Prevention, approximately 3 billion in products are shoplifted from retail shops each year. This amounts to 35 million in daily loses! If that isn’t a compelling incentive to install a retail security system right now, we don’t know what is! Loss prevention personnel may have a tough time catching veteran shoplifters. Installing retail security cameras rather than employing costly security personnel saves you thousands of rupees each year and is regarded as one of the most efficient ways of apprehending shoplifters.

Employee Theft

Despite thorough background checks and interviews, no company can ever be confident that an employee would not steal. Playing back recorded video security retail from your store security cameras allows you to identify instances of employee theft and dismiss the individual promptly, pursue charges, and recoup damages.

Sweet hearting

Some shop workers may offer their friends and family members illegal product discounts by inputting incorrect numbers or failing to scan an item. Management283 often overlooks sweet hearting because workers have developed discreet methods to offer reduced (or sometimes free) goods at the cash register. Retail security cameras allow you to capture workers in the act, allowing you to react in real time.