In today’s world, almost everything is vulnerable to harm. The mere idea of an on-site accident sends facility administrators and management into a trance. In an ideal world, designing an industrial surveillance system as part of the facility’s architectural design would be a top priority. At IVIGIL, we ask all of our clients the same question: how much risk are you prepared to take? Because, in the end, that is what it all comes down to: risk management.

How Industrial Surveillance Would Help?

Though a video camera cannot immediately prevent an incident at work, it may give management with an accurate and comprehensive image of what occurred. This data may be accessed from almost any location and for any purpose. For example, training videos for employee incident prevention seminars or proof in a workers’ compensation claim.

At pharmaceutical, industrial chemical, and assembly facilities, explosive dust and hazardous chemical explosions are major issues. While factory surveillance is required to monitor the workplace in these locations, a possibly costly and deadly explosion produced by a tiny spark from a shorted camera poses a significant risk.

Video Surveillance for Industrial Companies

IVIGIL’s factory surveillance systems offer video monitoring may significantly assist industrial locations such as factories, energy (oil and gas) production, mining, and warehouses. In recent years, increased terrorist risks and raw material theft have made the production, storage, and shipping of critical commodities riskier and more costly.

Our security staff has the knowledge and experience to guide your industrial security camera systems in the correct path. We will do a thorough project evaluation and work within any financial constraints or criteria to guarantee that your security demands are fulfilled. Configuration, virtual integration, demo camera testing, site assessments, and other services are available from us.

Industrial Surveillance Benefits

With recent advancements in HD camera technology, you can now use these cameras for Surveillance for Industrial Companies from almost anywhere at any time. HD security cameras provide more versatility and picture quality, allowing you to utilize fewer cameras to cover a larger area. Many of these cameras have a simple one-wire connection, which reduces deployment and installation expenses. HD cameras often do not need complex cabling or wiring, nor do they necessitate the services of a professional expert for servicing or maintenance.

Using an NVR (Network Video Recorder) enables you to digitally save your video footage for extended periods of time and broadcast security cameras over the internet so you can watch your facilities and buildings from anywhere in the globe using a Mac, PC, Tablet, or smartphone.