Industrial Parks are very complicated zones where manufacturing facilities have a variety of possible security risks as well as health and safety standards to follow.

Video may be useful in many aspects of an Industrial Parks, including the car park, entrances and exits, office spaces, delivery and dispatch, and, of course, the production and assembly facilities themselves. The delivery of raw materials, the storage and distribution of valuable products, the operation of equipment, and places restricted to only authorised employees are all examples of elements of a manufacturing organisation where Industrial Park surveillance and similar technologies may be used.

How IVIGIL Would Help?

IVIGIL provides video security cameras and video management systems for commercial settings such as office buildings, retail malls, and also Industrial Surveillance Systems. These areas require a strong monitoring system to guarantee worker safety and enhance operational flexibility. IVIGIL provides advanced video management solutions that work invisibly and intuitively while smoothly integrating with existing infrastructures to provide real-time monitoring and multi-location remote monitoring.


How to Ensure End to End Security?

Industrial security camera systems are essential for any company, but it is especially important for an Industrial Parks, since equipment and machinery, raw materials, and completed goods all have considerable monetary worth. To defend the first line of site security, effective perimeter protection that alerts security professionals to breaches, intruders, and suspicious activity is a necessity.

Industrial Parks have a constant flow of genuine non-employees visiting the site. Effective access control is thus essential, whether in the parking lot, via the front entrance, or through delivery and dispatch bays. Furthermore, even among workers, some will be permitted to access certain parts of the facility while others will not. Unauthorized persons will be verified and, if required, challenged at door stations with integrated video and audio.

How to Ensure Employee Safety?

While every effort may be made to reduce the probability of workplace accidents, they remain an unpleasant part of working life in all companies. Such accidents may be especially severe in industrial locations, manufacturing facilities, and factories due to the nature of the surroundings. Work-related injuries and illnesses are often very expensive.

Industrial surveillance cameras may assist to minimize the cost of accidents by allowing video from surveillance cameras to be utilized in post-incident investigations to determine whether the employer or the employee is to blame. Wherever the ultimate blame may lie, the video may enable the organization to take action to guarantee that it does not happen again, such as by installing more visible signs, protective barriers, or new equipment.